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The wonderful city of MIAMI Florida

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Miami is a city located on the southeastern coast of Florida, with 470,914 inhabitants.

Famous for its beautiful beaches and luxurious nights. Sometimes it is considered as a superficial city, but Miami is still an exceptional destination that fascinates lovers of beaches and relaxation who will be happy sipping a cocktail in front of the ocean, but also those who love nature or are passionate about art and culture.

It is well known that Miami is the party mecca. If you like the atmosphere of the Latin nights, the center of Miami is the right place, it is the hub of the parties. Given its proximity to Latin America, Miami has become the base for relations with South America for many multinational companies, such as American Airlines, Disney, FedEx, Microsoft, and Sony, and many large companies have their headquarters near Miami, including Burger King, DHL, and Royal Caribbean International. The Cuban influence is reflected in the bars and cigar shops that populate Calle Ocho Boulevard in the Little Havana neighborhood.

Located between two national parks, the city of Miami is a great starting point for 100% natural hikes. To the west, the Everglades wetland is populated by 200.000 alligators and is popular for trekking and canoe enthusiasts. On the other hand, Biscayne National Park includes the magnificent protected islands and the only living coral reef in all of America.

Iconic places of Miami

One of the most iconic streets of Miami is Ocean Drive, which has a beautiful promenade, with palm trees, relaxing vibes, and, of course, a wonderful beach full of colorful lifeguard houses, like in Baywatch. Lincoln Road is another one of the most wonderful streets of Miami. It’s well known as the city center for shopping.

When it comes to Miami one cannot fail to include what will become the most interesting area of the city: the Wynwood district, full of splendid graffiti everywhere. Wynwood used to be a rather seedy area in the 1970s but has recently been transformed into one of the most popular destinations for travelers and locals alike, not only for the amazing street art but also for the vibrant nightlife.

Miami is known for its with-sand beaches, warm climate, and delicious cuisine, as for the Cuban coffee and its Latin-American influences. Some popular attractions include Miami Beach, Bayside Marketplace, and Little Havana. Little Havana is also one of the least expensive areas in Miami.

Miami International

The international airport and the Port of Miami are among the busiest entry points to the American territory, especially for goods from South America and the Caribbean. Additionally, downtown Miami has the highest concentration of international banks in the United States. Tourism is also a major resource for the city's budget: Miami's beaches are known all over the world and the Art Deco district of South Beach, with its nightclubs, is considered one of the most glamorous neighborhoods on the planet.

The Port of Miami is located on Biscayne Bay overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. This is connected with Downtown Miami by the bridge called "Port Boulevard". The port is known as the "Cruise Capital of the World", this is due to the fact that it is the port where the greatest number of passengers/cruises past, in fact, the largest existing cruise ships dock here. The port is also known as the "Cargo Gateway of Americas". The port is one of the most important elements for the economy of the state of Florida. In fact, approximately 4 million cruise passengers and over 9 million tons of cargo pass through it every year.

Everyone knows the Miami Real Estate Market has experienced a massive rise in demand. While the single-family home market started to boom in early 2020, the condo market followed in 2021 with a sudden spike in sales volume. The Miami real estate market seems to be unstoppable and is now officially in boom mode. It is impossible to determine how much longer the market will continue at this pace.

This isn’t the 2000-2010 Miami with the booming condo market driven by second homeowners or investors. Today, the demand is coming from a real need. Florida is offering a much more attractive tax system than most other states and that is how it all started. A few high profiles New Yorkers came to Miami for tax reasons and noticed the quality of life, the A-rated schools, and the relatively affordable real estate where for the same dollar you could get 3 times more space and a garden. There is a real need to live in Miami, families are looking for the best quality of life for the lowest price and that is what Miami has to offer.

Miami is now becoming the San Francisco of the ’90s. The absence of a state income tax, plus warm weather and a business-friendly mindset is now attracting more and more hedge fund managers, bankers, and tech entrepreneurs to Miami than ever before. Miami is growing on all fronts and is quickly transforming into a world-class city with a booming tech and finance industry, a business-friendly climate, lots of jobs, and an increasingly entrepreneurial and creative crowd.

The Miami real estate market is indeed in boom mode and prices are likely to increase in the coming months. Today’s market is more stable than ever as the demand is driven by a need for a primary residence. Furthermore, the entire city is growing as a result of a tax and business-friendly environment.

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