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Updated: Sep 28, 2021

''Florida'' Which enjoys obvious prosperity.

Florida boasts the best climatic average in the country, with about 26 degrees, and a coastline that reaches almost 2000 Km in length. This means that the main cities of the state are constantly the object of interest from tourists from all over the world, which generates an important cash flow for the state coffers. The first-level services are also an important attraction for tourists, professionals, and high-spending investors, who are therefore particularly attentive to the numerous real estate opportunities in the area.

Orlando is the city that attracts tourists the most in Florida thanks above all to the incidence of theme parks. It follows immediately after Miami, a real point of reference for the international jet-set thanks to an important real estate renaissance both in terms of housing and accommodation facilities.

Orlando has about 238,000 inhabitants and covers an area of 287 sq km. It is internationally famous as the city of Walt Disney, the man who founded Disney world here during the sixties, one of the largest theme parks. The annual tourist flow is about 52 million people and not only because of Disneyland and its different other Themes parks and attractions, but because Orlando is also important for the presence of aerospace industries grouped around the Florida Space Coast, for its IT companies, and for the fact that it hosts one of the largest university in Florida "The University of Central Florida". Florida is also the base of Cape Canaveral, the main space center in the world, where NASA resides, and from which all the main missions in space have started, starting with those of the Apollo, which brought man for the first time on the moon.

Florida enjoys a hot and humid tropical climate and there are two main seasons each year. One is hot and rainy and lasts from April to October (coinciding with the Atlantic hurricane season). The other is a cool season (November to March) which brings more moderate temperatures and less rain.

The unemployment rate is very low, it was around 2.8% in October 2006. The result is gigantic urban growth even in the peripheral areas with a consequent increase in the cost of real estate. From 2004 to 2005, prices went up by 34%.

The events of 2007/2008 that led to the economic crash known as the "sub-prime mortgage crisis" is still a vivid memory today. The effects on the real economy, in the US as well as throughout the world, have been important even if for the most part overcome. This clearly also and above all applies to the real estate sector. Florida is one of the states that more than others has had to deal with a collapse in property prices, from which it is steadily recovering although not yet at pre-crisis levels. To date, therefore, it is still possible to identify and win excellent real estate opportunities in order to achieve concrete and safe investment returns.

Miami, for example, is facing a phase of great relaunch thanks to the numerous state investments in the real estate sector, while for investors the best opportunities can be found in the foreclosures sector, where it is possible to acquire foreclosed properties at prices much lower than market values.

Other cities such as Tampa are experiencing a particularly lively period, thanks to the constant post-crisis real estate growth of 2007. This event, in fact, today represents the real estate investment opportunity for homes for sale in Florida.

The United States, and Florida in particular, have a very interesting real estate market that allows you to evaluate multiple opportunities both in terms of houses to be leased (in order to obtain a periodic rent in the medium-long term) and of properties on which to carry out quick restructuring operations in order to resell and make a profit (well known as a flipping deal). You can select hundreds of opportunities, to be evaluated based on your budget, the type of investment you want to make, and, nevertheless, the return on capital or cash flow you want to generate.

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